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There is currently a HUGE lack of Professional Development available for science teachers, especially PD that is designed for teachers by teachers at all k-12 levels.  Finding people who truly understand the 3D nature of NGSS and how to implement and assess will be tricky.  Listed below are some PD options to look at.

You might be asking yourself, what you should look for in a PD.  Here is a list of TOPICS/QUESTIONS to consider:

  • How do I know I am doing NGSS?
  • How do I do labs/experiments for NGSS?
  • Application based learning....ummmm? Help?
  • What does NGSS look like?
  • How do I assess NGSS?
  • Do I get rid of all of my lessons?
  • Can I still do multiple choice tests?
  • What exactly is a performance expectation?
  • What is engineering and how do I bring that to the classroom?
  • 3D learning?  Huh?
  • How is NGSS different and why?
  • Project based learning?
  • How do I create an NGSS class/NGSS lesson?  Which PE goes where and how?
  • What is inquiry experimentation?
  • How do I bundle PEs?
  • Where's my book?
  • How do I use technology in an NGSS class?
  • Thematic instruction vs linking courses
  • What is a model?
  • Where can I find curriculum for an NGSS class?  Does it exist?
  • 2, 3 or 4 years of science classes
  • Where do AP classes fit?
  • Credentialing concerns
  • Budgeting for NGSS
  • Continued support for teachers?
  • Can teachers of varying science topics attend a PD?
  • What support do teachers need?
  • Community partners, what are they and how can they be incorporated?
  • Creative integration of content (application based learning)?
  • Training for administrators: what to look for in the classroom, support, assessment, etc

  • I have attended trainings by former teachers (now retired or working for companies) and non-teachers, but in truth, I found that many of these people are not going to implement what they are sharing, and because NGSS is so different, this is a red flag for me.  I trust teachers that are in the classroom, doing what I'm doing.  Theory and research are all fine, but boots on the ground experience is what teachers need.  Many of the workshops I have attended have left me scratching my head because these people simply are NOT going to do NGSS.

    I would encourage that we look for PDs/workshops that are led by teachers that are hands-on in approach.   Online learning is great, but sometimes being in the same room with a group of teachers is a powerful and needed experience.  Collaboration is the key to success!

    I have blogged about and shared some of the amazing presentation I have attended in regards to NGSS.  Below are a list of some of the workshops that I have presented.  I have presented at NSTA, CSTA as well as various schools.  I believe in a hands-on environment where teachers are doing and sharing out.  I love collaborating with teachers and sharing what works!  A good tool in the hands of a powerful teacher can transform the classroom experience.  I'm just bringing the tools.
    • Scientific Modeling
    • Developing 3D Assessments
    • Experimental Design for Students
    • Engineering vs Science
    • Survive the Zombie Apocalypse
    • What is NGSS: A K-8 Focus
    • NGSS in the Classroom: A Focus on Engineering Practices
    • Making NGSS Lessons
    • Inquiry in the Classroom
    • Bioenergetics:  It Finally Makes Sense
    • The Teenage Mind


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