About ScienceMom

My name is Becky McKinney and I love science!  I also love my job as an educator!  I am a science teacher in southern California in an amazing school district that is proactive and supportive of their teachers.  I love my school and the district!!!!  Woohoo!  I have taught middle school and high school science:  Biology, AP Biology, Life Science, Environmental Science, Earth Science, Physics, AP Physics B, AP Physics 1, and Forensic Science. I have taught college lab courses:  Advanced Mammalian Physiology, and A&P.  I am credentialed to teach:  Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Geosciences.

I have written lots of curriculum for science courses and have been hired as a science curriculum expert for numerous projects.  I have provided teacher trainings and workshops as well as presented at conferences.  I love science, I love learning from my colleagues and sharing what works!  I have a store on Teachers Pay Teachers.  I put a whopping price tag of $1 on almost everything.  I'm not trying to make millions but it did take some time to polish up the lessons and I write a detailed lesson plan that is standards aligned.  But, some of my stuff is free.  WOOHOO!  Actually, some of my best stuff is free.  I link to the FREE content within my blog.

Below are some of the workshops/presentations I have hosted:
  • Student talk strategies that work.  (East County EduCon 2018)
  • How to make units of study.  (CSTA 2017)
  • Fun with Phenomena (CSTA 2017)
  • Science vs Engineering (CSTA 2017)
  • Science vs Engineering (NSTA National Conference 2017)
  • How we made our first NGSS class (NSTA National Conference 2017)
  • Science vs Engineering (NSTA STEM Forum 2016)
  • Experimental Design for Students (NSTA STEM Forum 2016)
  • Survive the Zombie Apocalypse (solar cars) (NSTA STEM Forum 2016)
  • NGSS:  A K-8 approach (2016)
  • Designing an NGSS Class (2015)
  • NGSS in the Classroom: A Focus on Engineering (2015)
  • Making NGSS Lessons:  Implementing Inquiry (2015)
  • What is NGSS? (2015)
  • Inquiry in the Classroom:  (CSTA 2013)
  • Bioenergetics:  It Finally Makes Sense:  (CSTA 2007)
  • Teaching the Teenage Brain (KHS 2008) 

I am a trained research scientist, having completed my masters doing research on the serotonergic system in the rat brain and studying how hormones impact this system.  I worked at UT Southwestern Medical in Dallas, Tx in a biochemistry lab while finishing up grad school assisting with various research projects.  I worked at the Fort Worth Police Dept crime laboratory in Fort Worth, Tx as a forensic serologist (yes, like CSI), being cross trained in DNA analysis and marijuana identification.

My unique educational and research background has played an integral role in my job as classroom teacher.  I want my students to appreciate science for what it is:  DISCOVERY and INQUIRY!  I want my students to have fun, be creative, be critical thinkers.  I believe that projects can better assess a conceptual understanding of content than most multiple choice tests.  I believe that NGSS is the best thing to happen to science education since I started teaching.

I am a mom of 3 amazing and very active young kids.  I'm married to an incredible man who is an engineer and my best friend.  I'm not gonna lie...life is pretty good.

NSTA 2018 - Final Reflection

I'm at the airport, waiting for my delayed airplane to get to Atlanta so that I can get back home to my amazing three kids and husband. ...